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  • Nick Russell of Thomasons reflects on the legacy of 2018’s Year of Engineering initiative.  For many, the Year of Engineering has come and gone. As the hype and euphoria dies down, it would be a considerable oversight to believe that the government has successfully ticked a box and can now move onto the next neglected sector. […] The post Beyond the Year of Engineering appeared first on The Engineer.

  • Women in engineering roles at UK company Brompton Bicycle speak about their experiences in the industry and their hopes for more gender diversity The first Brompton was designed in 1975. The innovative folding bike comes from humble beginnings, having been devised by Andrew Ritchie from a flat in London. Today, it is a global brand […] The post How female engineers are smashing stereotypes at Brompton appeared first on The Engineer.

  • Achieving lift-off last night from Cape Canaveral, the Beresheet lander carries a mission-critical UK-developed and built engine Beresheet, the Hebrew name for the book of Genesis meaning “In the beginning”, was launched on 21 February  atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 8-45pm local time. The project was organised by SpaceIL, […] The post UK-propelled Israeli probe aims to be the first privately-funded lunar lander appeared first on The Engineer.

  • Protein found in ring teeth of squid could be used to make biodegradable materials for ‘smart’ clothes that monitor health, or self-healing recyclable fabrics that reduce microplastic pollution. Materials made from this protein are sustainable and can be produced on a large-scale production using laboratory culture methods. The advance is published in Frontiers in Chemistry […] The post Protein found in squid forms fibres of sustainable materials appeared first on The Engineer.

  • A new RFID (radio-frequency identification) system developed at MIT has allowed robots to track objects with pinpoint accuracy and could supersede computer vision. Known as TurboTrack, the technology sees cheap RFID tags placed on objects, with a wireless signal then bounced around the environment to locate them. Signals from the tags and other reflected objects […] The post RFID tracking system could replace machine vision on robots appeared first on The Engineer.

S4S Cambridge Tour

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About Us

Solutions 4 Schools was founded in 2010.

It has five key activities:

  • Providing services for schools colleges and engineering related bodies.
  • Developing Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) in Schools, Academies and University Technical Colleges.
  • Developing new science solutions for schools and colleges.
  • International experiences for students and staff.
  • Developing new engineering learning solutions for schools and colleges.

It has a sister organisation The Engineering Company (Europe) Limited. The majority of their work is in the UK, but there are also projects in Venice, Naples, Sorrento, Hamburg and Barcelona.

Current and recent projects & clients:

  • The Royal Academy of Engineering, Prince Philip House, Carlton House Terrace, London
  • Engineering4Education
  • Baker Dearing Educational Trust, Millbank, London
  • Cambridge University
  • Cambridge University Botanic Garden
  • Birmingham University
  • HE STEM Project
  • JCB Academy, Staffordshire
  • Skipton Girls' High School, North Yorkshire
  • Samuel Whitbread Community School, Bedfordshire
  • Darrick Wood School, Bromley
  • Newstead Wood School, Bromley
  • F1 in Schools, Brighouse and London
  • Liceo Artistico Isa F.Grandi Sant Agnello, Sorrento
  • Liceo Publio Virgilio Marone (Liceo Linguistico) Meta di Sorrento
  • Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale con
  • Liceo Scientifico Sperimentale Tecnologico e Ambientale
  • "Francesco Giordani" Caserta
  • Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Adriano Tilgher, Ercolano, Napoli
  • Istituto Professionale Statale per i servizi Alberghieri e della Ristorazione (IPSSAR) De Gennaro, Vico Equense, Sorrento
  • Salesians de Sarria College, Barcelona

These are some of the services we provide:

  • Specialist learning solutions and training
  • School building, re-development and refurbishments
  • BSF PFI expertise and management
  • Personnel and financial services
  • Free financial health check for schools
  • Staff Training
  • Staff re-structuring management and consultancy
  • Staff well-being training programmes and solutions
  • ICT diagnostics
  • Leading-edge marketing, promotion solutions, iconography advice
  • School photography
  • International programmes of study, exchanges, fund raising and bespoke study tours
  • Languages
  • Solutions and assistance with parental enquiries
  • Supply teaching and interim leaders

All our staff and associates are experienced qualified head teachers senior leaders, graduate teachers or experienced qualified specialists in schools UTCs academies local authorities or universities. We have a number of partner companies all of whom enjoy excellent reputations in their respective fields.

Rates are in the region of £800 per day with substantial discounts for long term projects. Cancellation is 50% two weeks prior and 100% one week prior.

At this key moment in its development, and due to demand in the UK and abroad for STEM and Engineering activities, the company is pausing. The Engineering Company (Europe) ltd will be launched soon and we will then be back.

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